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Invisible Aligners Your Best Decision

5 Things That Make Invisible Aligners Your Best Decision in 2019

Have you thought about straightening your teeth in the past but never took the plunge because it seemed expensive, inconvenient or just not necessary? Or perhaps you’re considering it now for the first time after hearing how easy teeth straightening can be with aligners shipped right to your home? Now you’re wondering if 2019 is the year to get your perfect smile – and the answer is yes!

Here are five reasons why Pure Smiles Online will make invisible aligners your best decision of 2019:

1.) We’re with you every step of the way

The first step is a 3D scan of your teeth. You can come into a Pure Scan Shop where we’ll make a 3D rendering of your smile, can’t make it in? No problem we can send you one of our at-home impression kits. Then, our orthodontic professionals get straight to work on a plan for your new smile.

Next, you’ll get everything you’ll need in the mail – every set of aligners will arrive in one shipment. You can get started right away!

You’ll never have to sit in a dentist’s waiting room, but you’ll still have the support of a licensed, certified specialist in orthodontics who will monitor your progress.

Finally, after your treatment is complete to keep your new smile looking its best we offer retainers shipped right to you as well.

2.) Find your confidence

With a more significant, straighter smile you’ll be radiating confidence. Self-confidence boosts every aspect of your life – from more satisfying relationships, career success and even better health. People see smiling, confident faces as more trustworthy and reliable – and of course, more attractive. Investing in your smile and yourself with Pure Smiles Online will pay off for a lifetime!

3.) Look happy, feel happy

Smiling actually gives your mood a boost! Studies show that smiling releases feel-good hormones in the brain, helping to reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure and making you feel more relaxed and happier overall. That means that the more you smile, the better you feel – and the better you feel, the more you smile! It’s a beautiful cycle!

4.) You’ll pay less for the same results

Pure Smiles Online invisible aligners cost 70% less than other options, and you still get the benefits of orthodontist-directed treatment and expert support throughout your alignment journey.

Not only are we cheaper, but payment is also super convenient. Choose from a one-time payment or easy monthly financing.

5.) No risk, just reward

Unlike many other alignment companies in North America, Pure Smiles Online is backed by actual orthodontists – and a guarantee. Just follow three simple rules: wear your aligners at all times, link them to your customer portal and check in every 90 days. If you’re unsatisfied with your results, you may be eligible for new aligners.

If our aligners aren’t the right fit for you, we’ll refund the cost of your impression kit or ScanShop visit. If you’re unhappy with your aligners in the first 30 days, return for a refund.

With no risk and so many rewards, why not make 2019 the year you get your smile on?

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