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Find Out Why More People are Using Clear Aligners

When we have misaligned teeth, orthodontists recommend that we get them straightened for a variety of reasons: our appearance and the impact misaligned teeth can have on our speech and ability to eat are some of those reasons. Both aligners and braces straighten teeth and have been used for decades While the goal of both is the same, and how they get there is fairly similar, the materials used are very different.

Braces have a bracket that is glued to the teeth, and wire that is attached to the brackets. This wire is key because it is bent when put in the mouth, but this wire remembers its original shape and therefore will pull or push the teeth until it works its way back to its original form. Aligners are made from clear plastic that is moulded into a shape slightly different than the current alignment of your teeth, allowing the snug aligner to pull or push the teeth into the new, slightly different position. Once the teeth have achieved the desired position, a new aligner is used, and so on, until the desired tooth position is achieved. The demand for aligners is increasing as part of a new oral health revolution and we know why!

1. Invisibility

Aligners are completely see-through. It is difficult to notice when they are being worn. For some, aligners help when appearance and aesthetics are a large concern.

2. Control

Aligners are within your control – you get to decide when to take them on or off. It is, however, recommended that they are worn for 22 hours a day to create change to the alignment in a reasonable timeframe.

3. Food Restrictions

When aligners are worn, you can take them out to eat, so there are no restrictions on what you can consume. Gone are the days of avoiding crunchy or sticky foods while wearing braces!

4. Oral hygiene.

Aligners make oral hygiene practices much easier – you can take them out to clean your teeth as usual, and then ensure you clean the aligner as well. Denture or retainer cleaner is often recommended to clean aligners but other common cleaners work too.

5. Comfort.

Aligners are pain-free. They feel tight, but should not cause pain within your mouth and you get to avoid the potential discomforts usually associated with placing and tightening braces.

6. Faster Treatment

Depending on different factors, including how diligent you are with wearing the aligner and the complexity of your misaligned teeth, for many people, aligners straighten your teeth in the same time if not less than braces.

Aligners are an easy, comfortable, flexible choice! And, as a bonus, they often lead to quicker results. It is easy to see why they are becoming the more popular choice when it comes to straightening misaligned teeth – the reasons why are straight and clear!

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