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Backed by Actual Orthodontists

A great smile is guaranteed!

Pure Smiles Online is your best dental alignment option. No really, it’s true! Not only are we 70% less, but unlike many other alignment companies in North America, our services are backed by actual orthodontists! It matters. Only trained orthodontists will work on your case.

To get you to the smile you want you must follow the prescribed plan by your licensed orthodontic professional.

  • Your aligners must be worn at all times day and night. They must only be removed for eating and drinking.
  • Link your aligners to your customer portal at PureSmilesOnline.com
  • Check in every 90-days buy sending the required photos.

After following all the rules and if you are unsatisfied with your outcome, reach out to us and the orthodontist can review your results. If your review is approved, you may qualify for additional aligners to continue your quest.
*For the warranty to remain valid, all reviews must be submitted within 30 days of finishing your plan.