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straightened teeth—without braces

Here’s How I Straightened My Teeth—Without Braces

Some say that your smile is your trademark. With a few crooked teeth sticking out of my mouth like a sore thumb, my trademark wasn’t sending the right message to the world.

As communications and public relations professional, I’m used to people keeping their eyes glued to my mouth—the words I choose to push out of my throat, my body language, and my smile can either make or break my reputation.

As a fully grown adult with a complete set of teeth firmly planted in her mouth, I thought my journey to a healthy glowing smile was paved with braces and endless appointments. Not only would that my already fragile self-confidence, but also my maturing career in communications. Just before losing all hope in straightening my crooked trademark (and my teeth), I researched alternative treatment options.

Embracing Braces-Less Treatment

At first, I was skeptical about some invisible plastic aligners moving my teeth without the heavy-duty force of metal brackets. Since braces were out of the question, I gave the alternative a chance.

My journey began in a Pure Scan shop. Excited yet doubtful, I got answers to all my burning questions: is there hope for my damaged smile? Can my teeth be straightened with aligners? Will the treatment affect my communications career?

To get all the answers, my doctor took a 3D scan of my teeth. I passed the test and my teeth could be aligned! As we were going over my treatment plan, we discussed how often I’ll need to have my aligners changed to match the small adjustments in my mouth and keep my teeth on track.

I left the office with good news and a big (still crooked) smile on my face: in 12 months and a few sets of aligners, my teeth will be where they belong.

Setting My Teeth Straight

When my aligners arrived in mail—I got 18 of them—I was apprehensive about putting set #1 in my mouth.  I was still unsure if plastic could move my stubborn teeth.

I was wrong! During the first 24 hours, I could clearly feel the pressure that the “soft” aligners were putting on my hard teeth. They tightly embraced my teeth leaving my tongue out. It took me a few days to adjust to the fit and get into the habit of wearing my aligners at all times­—except for eating, brushing, and flossing my teeth. In a few weeks, I got used to the sensation as my aligners and my teeth were starting to work together.  

Clear Aligners For Teeth Online

Marking Small Victories—with the next set of aligners

Every two or three weeks, I would get a reminder from my orthodontist to switch aligners. I was surprised how accurate the timing was—as soon as I would get too comfortable wearing a set, I had to upgrade to a new one. While the initial pain of adjusting to new aligners was uncomfortable, I knew that every new set was bringing me closer to the end of the treatment and my goal of getting a better smile.

I started noticing small shifts in my teeth in just two months and my specialist was closely monitoring the ongoing changes.

Every new set of aligners would give me a small lisp that would go away in a few days once my tongue fully adjusted. Even with a temporary impediment, I could set up press conferences and talk to journalists without them losing me in confusion. Wearing aligners when your job relies on clear communication and public speaking was intimidating at first until I realized my concerns were self-inflicted. My colleagues didn’t even know I had a foreign object in my mouth until my treatment was over.

Invisible Aligners that Made a Visible Difference in My Life

In 12 months, I ditched my last set of aligners and my awkward smile. I traded my old trademark of faking a confident smile for a healthy and authentic beaming one.

Your smile is your trademark, the message you communicate to the world. It’s never too late to welcome life with a glowing smile.

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