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Get Straight Teeth with Clear Aligners at Home

Scan - Move - Maintain. That's it, just 3 steps between you and straight teeth. Seriously!? 💯%

Step 1

Let's see what we're working with

The first thing we need: a 3D scan of your teeth. Come into a Pure ScanShop in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver to make a 3D rendering of your smile, or take a bite into one of our impression kits from home and send it to us through the mail. From here, our orthodontic professionals get straight to work. They’ll come up with a plan to set you straight, smiles.

Step 2

The part where you don't have a mouth full of metal

We will deliver your invisible aligners straight to you. And for the next few months after that, these invisible aligners will be like spirit guides for your teeth, leading them on a gradual journey from chaos and confusion to peaceful alignment. Namaste.

Step 3

End Boss - Keep grinning

Your new smile is getting noticed. You feel great, you’ve saved a stack of cash, and your selfies are getting more likes than a pug in a pumpkin costume. The next step is to secure your new smile with retainers! You can order a full set of retainers (upper and lower) for $99 CAD to wear at night. We recommend that you order a fresh new set every six months to keep your smile on point.

Trust a Specialist

All cases are monitored by an orthodontic specialist. You don’t even need to sit in a waiting room or read last year’s magazines.

Orthodontist-Directed At-Home

With remote teledentistry, our invisible aligners let you straighten your teeth on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be assigned a licensed certified specialist in orthodontics. He or she will check in with you every 90 days through your customer account, and monitor your progress remotely.

Stoked on smiles

What's in the mail? 📫

Get what you need from the get-go. Every set of invisible aligners you’ll need as your teeth go from not-so-great to straight will arrive in one shipment. The rest is up to you and your schedule.