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How Retainers Work and How Much They Cost

Wow! You’re almost finished your clear aligner treatment and your smile is looking great! What’s next for you? Well, confidence and big smiles, to start with. And you’re about to meet a new life-long best friend: retainers.

What are retainers?

While your aligners’ purpose was to move your teeth, shifting them into alignment, retainers are meant to hold your teeth in place. After orthodontic treatment, there is a risk of “settling” and “relapse”. Settling is the natural movement that occurs as your teeth settle into their new position and respond to the pressure of a newly aligned bite. Relapse is also natural but is definitely not what you want after spending months straightening your teeth. Relapse happens when teeth start to move back into their original positions, or into some new crowded or crooked state.

Retainers literally “retain” your beautiful new smile, snuggly holding teeth in place as your new smile stabilizes. Think of them as a reassuring hug for your teeth every night!

How can I keep my new smile?

Our bodies are always changing, including our teeth and jaws. After orthodontic treatment, it’s natural for teeth to shift again — but this time without the wise guidance of aligners. Therefore, it’s usually recommended that people who have had their teeth straightened or bite fixed keep wearing retainers at night for the rest of their life – or at least as long as you still want that nice bright, straight smile!

Once you complete your Pure Smiles Online clear aligner treatment, you’ll want to protect the smile you’ve come to love. So we recommend purchasing a set of retainers to wear every night.

Since you’ve already chosen Pure Smiles Online for your teeth straightening treatment, we know you want convenience and a discreet, attractive appearance when it comes to your dental appliances. So our retainers are also custom-made clear plastic trays that seamlessly follow your last set of aligners.

What’s the difference between aligners and retainers?

If retainers are so much like the aligners you’ve come to know over the last months, why do you need to get a whole new set of retainers? Well, retainers are designed to do a different job, so continuing to wear your last set of aligners will not have the same effect. Retainers are also thicker and more durable. Aligners are only meant to be worn for a short period before switching to the next set, so they will not hold up to long term use.

How do I care for my retainers?

Caring for a Pure Smiles Online retainer is as easy as caring for your aligners. Always brush your teeth before and after wearing the retainers, and clean the retainer itself regularly. You can soak them in a solution of soap and water or soap and vinegar, or even get retainer cleaner tablets. The hardest part for a lot of people is not losing their retainer when they take it out! Always tuck your retainers safely away in their case when not using them.

We recommend ordering a new set of aligners every six months, to keep them (and your teeth) fresh and in peak condition!

The Pure Smiles Online Advantage

Pure Smiles Online retainers cost $99 for a set, including top and bottom. At a dentist or orthodontist’s office, you’ll pay up to $500 for a set of clear plastic retainers, or up to $600 for a more durable plastic and wire retainer. Bonded retainers cost up to $500 for a single arch. Even a $500 set of retainers will need to be replaced regularly.

After investing time and money into getting the smile of your dreams, it’s important to protect your investment. Consistently using retainers is the best way to do that. Pure Smiles Online retainers are affordably priced, so you can commit to maintaining a life-long smile.

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