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Invisible Teeth Aligners

Read Why Teens Prefer Clear Aligners Over Metal Braces

Braces have been a classic symbol of adolescence for decades, but that doesn’t mean that teens want them! Colour coordinating your elastics to your favourite outfit is cute but so 1999. In 2019 more teens are skipping the awkward phase by choosing clear aligners.

 Why do teens prefer clear aligners over metal braces if they qualify to get them? There are lots of reasons – and lots of reasons why parents should too. Read on for the top reasons clear aligners are good for teens and parents.

 Clear aligners look good

Appearance is a big motivator for teens — and who can blame them? Appearance is not just about vanity – it’s about self-expression, especially for teenagers! Nearly invisible clear aligners won’t interfere with your #ootd selfie.

 Smiling communicates confidence, and lets us connect to the people around us. A beautiful, straight smile is a proven confidence booster for people of all ages. Adolescence is a crucial time to start building confidence and self-esteem. Metal braces can sometimes add to the limited self-confidence that so many teens already feel, while clear aligners help create smiles to be proud of without the fuss.

 Clear aligners are easy to use

When you wear braces, you have to worry about food getting stuck, wires getting bent and brackets breaking. You have to avoid a lot of kinds of food that might damage or get stuck in the braces. Aligners are removable, so instead of changing your diet, you just take them out when you eat or drink.

 Additionally, clear aligner treatment with Pure Smiles Online progresses just by switching to the next set of aligners. Aligners still work by gradually shifting teeth into place, but treatment tends to be faster and cause less discomfort than getting braces tightened regularly.

Invisible Teeth Aligners

 Clear aligners are easy to clean and better for dental hygiene

Adolescence is a time when teens are learning independence and self-expression, but it’s also a time when they have to start thinking more about hygiene. And sometimes that’s an uphill battle! Bad dental hygiene is not a good look – or smell – and it can result in cavities and gum disease, having a real impact on health. Clear aligners for teeth online make oral hygiene easier as long as you’re still brushing and flossing regularly! You just take out the aligner to brush and floss like normal. The aligners themselves are also easily cleaned just by dropping them in a glass of retainer cleaner every week.

 Clear aligners don’t interfere with sports and hobbies

Metal braces can be abrasive on the inside of the mouth. Active teens especially risk lacerations or broken braces from any kind of impact. Smooth, plastic aligners don’t pose this risk. For teens who are more into band practice than soccer games, some instruments like brass can be hard to play with braces. Aligners don’t get in the way or cause discomfort.

 You don’t have to miss school or your social life when you wear aligners

Traditional metal braces require regular visits to the orthodontist for an adjustment. That usually means a missing school or extra-curricular activities every few weeks just to keep your teeth straightening from home treatment on track. Aligners treat teens’ crooked and crowded teeth and even bite problems all from home (or school, or practice, or their BFF’s place.)

 With Pure Smiles Online, all you have to do is take the time to visit a PureScan Shop for a 3D rendering of your smile. That scan gets sent to our team of licensed certified orthodontic specialist, who create a custom treatment plan for you. Then, you receive your complete set of aligners in the mail and can get started straightening right away! But, you’re not in this alone. A specialist will check-in through your online customer accounts every 90 days to make sure everything is on track for that prom-pic-ready smile!

 To find out if your teen is ready and eligible for clear aligners, visit a PureScan Shop near you.

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