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Seven Reasons Why You Haven’t Bought Clear Aligners Online

Aligners are one of the most innovative products to roll out of an orthodontist’s office since headgear (kidding!). Invisible, efficient, and comfortable – clear aligners online are an excellent alternative to a mouth full of wires and metal. They straighten teeth with the simplicity of a snap-in, eliminating the need for frequent visits to the dental office for wire tightening.

If you are reading this, then it’s likely that you are considering your options for straightening your teeth. You may have even concluded that aligners are the superior choice for you, and you now have the task of deciding which aligner to choose. You have landed here, and are contemplating buying. We understand the struggle of choosing who to buy an aligner with – and we know the reasons why this decision can be difficult!

1.) You’re worried about the Cost

The number one reason that many people say is a barrier is the cost of an aligner/braces. Like any Orthodontic treatment or device, aligners are an investment. Just like braces, our aligners can be purchased with orthodontic benefits, and we offer a monthly payment plan! Like braces, aligners tend to be just as efficient, as they generally take the same if not less time to straighten teeth (as long as you are diligent about wearing them) and therefore are a better bang for your buck. And here’s a suggestion:  some aligner wearers are saving some money by not purchasing the coffees or other dark drinks that they usually buy. This is because, in order to prevent staining, you must remove the aligner, so you might as well forego at least some of these and recoup some costs that way too!


2.) You’re afraid of commitment

Just like braces, aligners are meant to be worn for many hours a day. This can seem like a huge commitment. It has taken years for your teeth to misalign; it does take a significant amount of time for them to re-align again. Improvements to ourselves require an investment in time.

3.) You’re uncertain if clear aligners work

We get it. How can a piece of plastic straighten our hard teeth? Well, here’s how it works: Aligners are a series of mouthpieces that are slightly different in shape from where your teeth are currently. After each one is worn, and your teeth move to their new place, you move onto the next aligner until your teeth wind up in the position you want them to be. Best of all, our services are guaranteed!

Clear aligners straight from home

4.) You are considering braces

Aligners are relatively new. Braces are the tried and true teeth aligners – after all, they have been around since the 18th century. Why trust something new? Simply put, the results speak for themselves. Teeth become aligned in the same time if not less time than braces, and best of all, no one can tell you are wearing them!

5.) You aren’t sure if your smile qualifies

We offer an online assessment which will give you an idea of whether or not aligners are suitable for you. We also have a guarantee that will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied within the first 30 days.

Clear Aligners Online

6.) You’re afraid you will mess up the impressions

This is a common concern that many have; however, our step by step videos show you exactly how it’s done! We also have ScanShops that offer free 3D scanning at a location near you. Best of all, when you buy clear aligners online and they turns out to be an incorrect fit, we will refund you the cost of the impression.

7.) You’ve heard we don’t work with Orthodontists

You bet we do! We have a network of certified orthodontists that provide support and services no matter where you live!

At Pure Smiles Online, we understand your hesitations and work hard to ease your concerns throughout this process. Getting the smile of your dreams is easy!

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